Hotel zum See ***

Ihr Hotel garni in Diessen am Ammersee

Activities & Trips around the Lake Ammersee

There are some popular activities around the Hotel zum See *** garni near the Lake Ammersee.

If you like watersports you can go for a swin or you can charter a sailing boat. 

We also offer bikes for a cycling trip around the Lake Ammersee.

You like to go sightseeing?

A lot of places of interest waiting for your visit. Our small town Diessen has lovely places and a very famous church the Marienmünster.

Munich is just 1 hour by train or car away and Andechs, a very famous monastery is located across from the Hotel zum See *** garni at the other side of the Lake Ammersee on the holly mountain.

The castle Neuschwanstein and Linderhof are a must when you visit Germany.

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